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CCJCA:Under 16 A
Wyong Roos U13A (CCJCA:Under 13 A)
Wyong Roos U12A (CCJCA:Under 12 A)
Wyong Roos U12B (CCJCA:Under 12 B)
Wyong Roos U11 Green (CCJCA:Under 11 - North)
Wyong Roos U11 Gold (CCJCA:Under 11 - North)
Wyong Roos U21 (CCCA:Under 21 - Glenn Rowlands Shield)
Wyong Roos U14B old (CCJCA:Under 14B)
Wyong Roos 1st Grade (CCCA:First Grade)
Wyong Roos 2nd Grade (CCCA:Second Grade)
Wyong Roos 3rd Grade (CCCA:Third Grade)
Wyong Roos 5th Grade (CCCA:Fifth Grade)
Wyong Roos 6th Grade Green (CCCA:Sixth Grade)
Wyong Roos 6th Grade Gold (CCCA:Sixth Grade)
Wyong Roos 7th Grade (CCCA:Seventh Grade)
CCCA:Ladies T20
CCJCA:Under 14
1 Kinghorne, Geoffrey A00000000000000100
2 Reeves, Wayne00000000001000000
3 Liddle, Jordan00000000100000000
4 Murphy, Hayden00000000100000000
5 King, Bailey A00000000100000000
6 Bell, Nathan00000000000100000
7 Phillips, James C00000000010000000
8 Potter, Liam K00000000000010000
9 Whiteing, Benjamin J00000000100000000
10 Kavanagh, Liam D00000000000010000
11 Thompson, Oliver R00000000100000000
12 Baldwin, Mark G00000000010000000
13 Young, Jayden B00000000010000000
14 Leard, Michael J00000000100000000
15 Chaloner, Dean00000000000000100
16 Whitehead, Kai00000000000010000
17 Brown, Adam D00000000000010000
18 Bertucci, Jordan00000000000010000
19 Mar, Tristen00000000000010000
20 Fisher, Michael00000000000000100
21 Dickson, Ethan T00000000010000000
22 Kavanagh, Tiegan E00000000010000000
23 Baldwin, Bruce P00000000000100000
24 Chaloner, Brett00000000000000100
25 Drady, Bradley J00000000010000000
26 Farrell, Patrick J00000000010000000
27 Callaghan, Aaron00000000001000000
28 Blackaby, David00000000000100000
29 Brown, Ashley H00000000000001000
30 Clouten, Kris00000000000000100
31 Emery, Andrew00000000000100000
32 Haydon, Gavin00000000010000000
33 Kavanagh, Gary B00000000000000100
34 Leard, Mark S00000000100000000
35 Lindley, Jason R00000000000001000
36 Maarschalk, Troy00000000000000100
37 Rainger, John F00000000010000000
38 Slominski, Peter J00000000001000000
39 Taylor, Jamie J00000000000100000
40 Trigg, Graham J00000000000100000
41 Westley, Robert G00000000100000000
42 Wilson, Kane D00000000010000000
43 Byers, Daniel00000000001000000
44 Millington, Patrick R00000000000000100
45 Cooper, Luke00000000000000100
46 Daley, Kaleb J00000000100000000
47 Bennett, Athol J00000000000100000
48 Mackeson, Alan00000000000001000
49 Burnham, Craig00000000001000000
50 Hughes, Sean W00000000000010000
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Total Records: 123   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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