Hall of Fame - Batting | Wyong District Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1739666491538459363348473Cooper MagriWyong Green2020/2021Sixth Grade2 1Lisarow
26910542461538459362561569*Nate J McLarenWyong2020/2021Under 14b3 1Terrigal
3686793881538459349278868Callum M RaingerWyong2020/2021First Grade5 1Southern Spirit
4671484251538459363607967*Ebonnie LeardWyong2020/2021Womens T20 - B Grade2 1Lisarow
56012546011538459362445160Sairam PatilWyong2020/2021Under 12a1 1Southern Spirit
6572007921538459363348957Liam K PotterWyong Green2020/2021Sixth Grade3 1Narara
7571484251538459363607257*Ebonnie LeardWyong2020/2021Womens T20 - B Grade1 1Northern Power Blue
8552007741538459363348755*Braydon C BinnieWyong Gold2020/2021Sixth Grade3 1Northern Power
9548797081538459355749054Sean RobsonWyong2020/2021Third Grade1 1The Entrance
10542000231538459363587454*Rochelle A DavisWyong2020/2021Womens T20 - A Grade1 1Kincumber
11522007311538459355749852James C PhillipsWyong2020/2021Third Grade3 1Terrigal
12509666491538459363348950Cooper MagriWyong Green2020/2021Sixth Grade3 1Narara
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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